Cours 2020-2021



Level A1.1 is the minimal level of skill​ of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) which can acquire absolute beginners in French as a foreign language.

Learning objectives

  • Can understand some familiar and daily expressions used in very recurring situations of communication as well as very simple statements aiming at satisfying certain concrete needs of the social life and can produce some.
  • Can identify himself and answer questions concerning, for example, his nationality, his age, his place of residence, his school and possibly, to ask himself questions of this type to somebody.
  • Can participate in an ordinary interaction, at least partially, by means of simple statements (centered on one or two words) also by using his mother tongue or other acquired languages tongues if the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly and shows himself cooperative and friendly.


This blog is the space of reference for the 2019 – 2020 A1 level class (semester 2).
You will find the course schedule, the topics studied, homework as well as a Resources and tools page.
If you miss a class, you will be able to know what was addressed in class and to self-study appropriately.
One piece of advice: add the blog to your favorite Bookmarks or personalized tab-bar in your browser to ensure you remember to access it.

15 cours de 3 heures

Jeudi 11 février

Jeudi 18 février

Jeudi 4 mars

Jeudi 11 mars

Jeudi 18 mars

Jeudi 25 mars

Jeudi 1er avril

Jeudi 8 avril

Jeudi 15 avril

Jeudi 22 avril

Jeudi 6 mai

Jeudi 20 mai

Jeudi 27 mai

Jeudi 3 juin

Jeudi 10 juin

Thème : Noël et le Jour de l’An

Noël en FranceLes symboles de NoëlNoël à ParisLa Saint-Sylvestre

Quelques chansons de Noël : Douce nuit, Mon beau sapin, Vive le ventChantons Noël